Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September Photo Challenge Day 28: daily routine

Under the rainbow sun

Commuting. I do it every day. After more than 13 years in the DC area and none of those living anywhere near where I work, I suppose I've gotten used to it. Reaching for my umbrella today reminded me of one of my morning commutes that gave me hope for humanity. I had run out of the house quickly, running late to catch the bus and not taking the time to check out the weather (sadly, this isn't an uncommon occurrence). I made it about halfway to the bus stop when it started pouring rain. My hasty departure meant I had no umbrella, and as it turns out, the bus was running late. The bus stop isn't close enough to my apartment to just pop back in, and I needed to catch that bus. I stood in the rain, getting thoroughly soaked, when a car rolls up. A woman leans across the driver's side to hand me her umbrella. I attempted to decline, but she insisted, informing me I looked pathetic. Despite the fact that I likely couldn't get any wetter, I was grateful to this kind stranger. Sometimes people are so brusque and, well, rude up here that I forget how much compassionate gestures mean.


  1. how sweet its weird how sometimes I stranger can change your day :)

  2. For sure. It also helps to remind me that I need to do the same for others.