Sunday, September 11, 2011

September Photo Challenge Day 11: something fun

Whites Ferry

Ferries are fun, right? I think it is incredibly cool we still have ferry service on the Potomac. Sure, a bridge would be more convenient, but there is something pleasant about having to slow down and wait in line with other adventurous souls.

In my travels this morning, I was listening to the latest NPR Tiny Desk Concert* featuring Foster the People. I'm familiar with Pumped Up Kicks from all the radio play it gets but was surprised at how accessible their music was, particularly when enjoyed acoustically. Really, though, I was moved to bring them up simply because their band name resonated with me today. Foster the people. Today (and all days), this is a directive we should all strive for in interacting with each other. Let's build them up, not tear them down.

*I've been having a real love fest with NPR lately. You should download the NPR music app, if you haven't already. It gives you access to their song of the day, album previews, tiny desk concerts and so much more right on your phone.

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