Saturday, October 16, 2010

Everything is temporary

Here's a little sneak peek at my *surprise* project for work. I got so pumped today when I saw how breathtaking it was. I'm refraining from posting more because I want certain people to be surprised in person.

sneak peek

I need to spill a little bit about my struggle today. The artists are only painting a small portion of the site that will be most visible to folks attending an event. There are other areas along the path still covered with graffiti. One piece, in particular, is a giant penis. I went there today with every intention of painting over it.


However, as I was standing in the paint aisle at Home Depot with a can of Kilz in my hand, I couldn't help but stop in my tracks. The Kilz label talked about its effectiveness at covering stains, and as I pondered what I was planning to cover, I began to feel bad for the penis.

I realize I over think a lot of things, but I began to wonder who I was to judge this particular graffiti piece. Does valuing one particular style of graffiti over another make me into a bourgeois elite poser? Aren't I entitled to my own aesthetic? Why should I value this particular rendition of the penis as worthy of any kind of permanence?

Anyway, you can see what kind of random paths my thought process takes. For now the penis stays, but I can't guarantee it will make it through the weekend.

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  1. Did you take a picture of the penis? Is it the word or a picture?