Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My mighty, might life list

At the end of my day yesterday I fell down the internet wormhole into a stumble upon* and discovered this girl. Truth be told, my journey began with a few of the attendees, reading about the Mighty Summit she organized. I have seen a few of these life lists floating around the internet. They are in the same vein as a 'bucket list', which seemed to gain in popularity after that movie with Jack Nicholson, and I really had no interest in creating one. Don't get me wrong. I love lists and consider myself to be at the forefront of the whole "30 before 30" thing. That said, I hate succumbing to trends despite how good they may seem.

Well, after I spent a good 30 minutes perusing these sites and learning more about the intent behind the lists and Mighty Girl's goals for the project, I decided I would be stupid not to jump on the bandwagon. Do I think you need a list to truly live life? Nope...just like I don't think you need a to-do list to actually be productive during the day. However, there is something empowering in seeing what you want in print. It's that extra push to accomplish goals, big or small.

One of the things I was particularly struck by was this sentiment...

"...often our grandest dreams are someone else’s day to day life. You want to write a book? I’m a publisher! You want to go on a cruise? I’m the publicity director for a cruise line! At the Summit, we asked everyone to talk to one another about their lists, and see where we could help each other..."

What a grand concept! Not only can you use your life list to help you live a remarkable life, these lists can be shared to help others achieve theirs. I love the selflessness in this.

So, in the spirit of owning a few little life goals, I present my mighty, mighty life list. I think 100 is the goal, but I decided against pressuring myself to finish. I've got a lot of years in front of me and need to leave space for new interests and ideas. We've got a pretty wide scale and scope here, and while I tried to stay away from the abstract, a few of those snuck in, too. I should also add that these are in no particular order ;-)


*A stumble upon can be defined as that random website you eventually wind up reading after following interesting links from at least 3 different sites.

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  1. My parents might be ready to sell their Airstream;) My dad bought a Jeep, which is his new hobby.