Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Just like paper dolls

Despite the fact that I spent my teenage years pouring over fashion magazines and catalogues, I am far from a fashion maven in my adult life. I like nothing more than to find a few pieces I like and wear them like they are my uniform. My pragmatic side believes in wearing things out and limiting consumption of material goods. Still, as I think I've demonstrated here, I am lured by pretty images, and clothes (along with photoshoots) play right into that at times. So, when my amazing mother told me she wanted to buy me some new clothes and sent me to a website* to pick some out, I got the grand idea to put my fashion-loving friends to the challenge.

The rules? Put together three fall outfits for me. Take my personality and interests into consideration. Pretty simple and to the point. Behold their selections (you have to do some scrolling)...

I chose three winning outfits and promised fame and glory. Want to know who won?

Fall 2

Fall 2 by scarls17 featuring red tights

This was my pick for best every day look. It's simple and could take me from work to running errands. I love the combination of stripes and the addition of fun tights. This person also knows it is highly unlikely I would wear heels.

This was my favorite look for evening. I'm not really a leather girl, but I loved how feminine and edgy this was. Bold colors, too. I'm not going to might have been the ring that won me over.

My third selection was this combo. She was the only person who really took into consideration what my work sometimes involves. Not only is it fun, but this girl has some of the best taste in accessories and shoes (IMHO).

Needless to say, I loved bits and pieces of everything proposed. I also love how excited everyone got to do the challenge. Thanks, gang!

*I should point out that none of the clothes here relate in any way to the website my mom sent me to. We don't roll like that.


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  2. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Randi said...
    I must have totally missed this when you picked which outfits you liked! Glad that you liked the one with the purple dress - I think it may have been my favorite, too.