Tuesday, October 14, 2008

33 for 33

I like lists, especially birthday lists. I'll be 33 next month, so I've developed a list of ways to celebrate 33 years of life during the month of November!

33 for 33

1. Make smores
2. Take pictures of graffiti
3. Go to a "pick your own..." place
4. Leap for joy
5. Kiss someone
6. Submit an art proposal of some kind
7. Find a new photobooth
8. Try absinthe
9. Buy a new piece of art
10. Vote
11. Have Sticky Rice
12. Get up early enough to do my hair and makeup for a week
13. Day trip to NYC
14. Eat at Lotus again
15. Go thrift store shopping
16. Shoot a roll of film
17. Get a head start on the holiday gift season
18. Stay in a cabin.
19. Build a fire.
20. Take pictures of fall foliage.
21. Sleep in.
22. Eat chicken fried steak.
23. Make a list of things I'm thankful for.
24. Get the new Rock Band.
25. Make my grandmother a kickass birthday gift.
26. Finish knitting a scarf.
27. Practice patience.
28. Drink a glass of water every day.
29. Dance whenever the mood strikes.
30. Retire my flip flops for the season.
31. Try laughing yoga.
32. Write a letter.
33. Be grateful for even completing some of these.


  1. Randi8:55 AM

    Hey.... let me know about that day trip to NYC... I'll go!

  2. I have to admit I giggled at #28.