Thursday, June 19, 2008

Something old...

Ever since my last trip home to Texas, I have become obsessed with retro technology. Maybe I was infatuated before, but a couple of trips to the thrift store in San Angelo brought out the beast. It started with a Minolta Hi-Matic camera and was quickly followed by an old projection screen. Right before I left, I spotted an old Kodak Brownie 8mm movie camera. I obsessed about it until I was forced to call my grandfather in San Angelo and ask him to buy it for me. Haha.

I then met Ebay, and my obsession took on such accessibility. This past week two more purchases arrived in the mail...a Kodak Zeuss Ikon camera that I cannot wait to test out and a Buhl overhead projector in a shade of green that makes my heart flutter.

The downside of all of this is that I really need to figure how these things will work in my studio. Looks like I need to do a little rearranging this weekend.


  1. I must keep resisting ebay!

  2. I LOVE ebay! Luckily for me, I'm obsessed with mid-century modern furniture and that stuff don't ship. So alas, I am left browsing and not buying *sigh*