Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My life in list

Because I'm in Texas this week, lists are much easier to manage.
1 - Despite the issue of race being largely ignored by the media, it is
going to play a huge part in Obama's electability. This shouldn't affect
the fact that he should get the nomination. I want him
official endorsement. However, these few days in TX have already once
again reminded me of how much we still have left to work on in terms of
race relations.
2 - I like being commanded to shop.
3 - It costs $175 to ship a chair from San Angelo to Fairfax.
4 - I am once again addicted to ebay. This week I have "won" a zeuss
ikon camera, a slide projector, and an overhead projector. I'm still
waiting for the auction to end on an 8mm projector.
5 - Pray for us tomorrow.
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  1. Watch out fer them Texas tamaters -- see

  2. Whoa! Your official endorsement! He's at Nissan today...motherfucker. Creating traffic.

  3. Randi2:45 PM

    You would think by now, we would all just be able to "get along", but eh. Shoot, I've heard of black people that won't vote for him, and they could care less if he's a fellow "brotha"! Just when you think it's bad on one side of the fence.....

  4. Randi2:46 PM

    Oh yeah.... and watch out for that crazy cult down there!