Sunday, June 29, 2008

Plodding along in my slippers

I'm on the train headed for Manchester, NH and a work meeting. I always wonder why I choose the train right before I have to board at some ridiculous hour (because 3:15 am is indeed ridiculous). Nevertheless, once I claimed my seat this morning I was reminded of how pleasant the train can be.

Unlike an airplane, my seats (because, let's face it, you can usually score a pair) are like my own private oasis. I have a plug for all of my electronic gadgetry, a seat that can recline and also not be bothered when the person in front of me reclines, and there are observation and dining cars when you need a break from your seat. Yes, my trip today is something like 10 hours one-way, but I'm old hand at this. A few years ago I bought a North American Rail Pass and took the train to Halifax, Nova Scotia and Dallas, TX all in the same month. If you have the time, train travel can be relaxing and a way to meet interesting people. It also allows plenty of time for introspection, writing, music listening, you name it.

I was moved to write this post because I remembered I spent so much time on the train last time that it began to feel like home. I remember changing into my some comfy pajamas at night and sliding into my slippers. The next morning you'd want to wake early enough to plod to the bathroom to brush your teeth and put on new clothes. I don't think I'l be getting that comfortable this time, but I do cherish those memories.

**note: My mom is doing ok and was released from the hospital a few days later after they did more tests. More on that later. I just didn't want to leave that hanging.

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  1. It would be difficult not to get to stop in all of the cool towns along the way!