Monday, April 16, 2007

Blow me away

I watched The Holiday this weekend, and while many of you film snobs may not consider it worthy of any mention, I enjoyed the smarm and the way everyone got what they needed in the end. I really only mention the movie because there are scenes where this insane wind blows and Jack Black's character talks about how it's the Santa Ana winds and crazy things can happen when they blow. Well, the Santa Ana* winds blew into DC yesterday and are still wreaking havoc. It's the wind of scary stories that blows the bad guy into town. If it weren't so freaking cold, I'd be completely enamored.

Crazy weather brings about crazy things, or in my case, the discovery of hidden talents. Guitar riffs, manic drums, and the keyboard. I rock at air instruments. Jimmy Hendrix would envy my air guitar, and Ben Gibbard only wishes his air keyboard was as fine. Maybe it's my weak wrists, but my air drums still need a lot of work. I'd be amenable to a real drummer boyfriend who would help me perfect my technique.

*I fully realize we can't have Santa Ana winds here, but you know what I mean.


  1. mmmmmmmm ben gibbard.

    i get to see him again soon :-)

  2. Yes, I know. I wasn't invited.

  3. oh don't you start with me. you know you can go with.

  4. I want to take some private guitar lessons. I miss playing the guitar:)

  5. i love how you used the word smarm

    and yeah, 60mph wind gusts in boston yesterday, i had a very hard time walking down the street

  6. Hah I'm glad you liked that movie, I know I did!