Thursday, April 05, 2007

dueling banjos

I know we all have many different aspects to our personalities, but sometimes I feel like there are two very distinct individuals that live inside of me. Don't freak out; I'm not talking about any kind of split personality. It's just that the two sides of my coin are night and day.

There is the kind, compassionate side that is prohibitively shy. She hates big groups and parties and meeting new people. New situations make her nervous and cause her to break out in a cold sweat.

The other side of me is this very forward, bold woman who goes after what she wants. She takes charge and is just as likely to back you into a corner and have her way with you as she is apt to give you a verbal tongue lashing for the wrongs you've done to her.

Scarlet and I have talked about this 49%-51% split we all all have. Well..let's just say that last night the bold side took more than its fair percentage.


  1. I need to let my 51% out more;)

  2. Have you ever done the Myers Briggs personality test? I've done it a few times and I'm sort of like you, my introvert-extrovert score wavers, but I'm mostly an introvert.

  3. I think my shy side dominates. I wish I had a larger percentage of bold. Then the population of the world wouldn't feel so free to shit on me as often. :)