Sunday, January 14, 2007

Set location

Have you ever been searching for that perfect thing only to find that, at the time you needed it most, it doesn’t appear to exist? We needed a coffee shop; however, not just any coffee shop will do. Two camera-toting adventurers needed the right amount of ambiance, right amount of lighting and a noise level you could easily talk over. Setting out, I couldn’t imagine how finding a coffee shop in Austin, Texas would be difficult. Seventeen coffee shops later, and I was singing a different tune. If there was lighting we could work with, then the music would be too loud. If there was atmosphere we could work with, then we had to contend with staff taking issue with video* being shot in their shop. Looking for that perfect place does get you a unique tour of Austin, the ability to combine Google and GPS while on the road, and a chance to talk to different people in an effort to find their perfect place for coffee in Austin. Looking for coffee in Austin? Try one of the ones with the double stars (**).

Tazza Fresca
Amy’s Ice Cream
The Hideout
Austin Java House (2)**
Jo’s Coffee House**
It’s a Grind
Freddie’s Place
Quack’s Bakery
Dulce Vita Espresso Bar

What do I regret? Not getting a coffee at each establishment, so I could write a proper review ; )

*Saying you're working on an indie documentary goes a long way toward getting you permission to shoot in Austin.


  1. I CANNOT wait to go to Austin!!!!

  2. I've heard that Austin has some great restaurants and such. I don't doubt it wasn't hard to come across some fun coffee shops. I hope you had some success with your film!