Friday, July 28, 2006

Sybil on the inside

Do you ever just get with disgusted with yourself? The problem with being self aware is that you realize how effed up you are sometimes. Ever since I can remember I've always wanted to the best at everything. Sadly, as a kid in rural Texas this wasn't especially difficult. I was tops at most everything I set my mind to doing and decided the things where I didn't come out #1 were probably rubbish. I couldn't not sit first chair in band or advance in the area band competitions. I needed to be student council president, not just a member. All the teachers that mattered needed to like me and think me the coolest. Wretching yet? I even tried the whole cheerleader thing (yes, the sarcastic girl who now likes to say fuck thought she could be perky and bounce about). Lucky for ya'll I didn't make the squad ; ) It was big scandal with rumors flying about that there was a mix up in names. A girl named Sabrina got on instead. To further illustrate my point, that's the point where I decided cheerleading wasn't worthy of me. Ha!

As I got older I grew out of a lot of that. Entering the "real" world and realizing you can't be the bees knees in every situation helps tremendously. Being the best at everything started to look impossible, and it hit me that I couldn't keep ditching things because I didn't win every time. The thing I've had the hardest time shaking as I get older is the need to be the best in my friendships. I've got a jealous streak that runs deeper than Lake Michigan. In high school, I used to get in these foul moods and taunt my bff, Jennifer. She had an old bff, Rose, that she grew away from. I used to continually question* whether or not our friendship was going to end up like that and would pick fights. I've gotten better about not verbalizing my discontent, but it's still tucked away under the surface at times. I still hate being left out of the loop and still have to remind myself that I can't be the center of everyone's world**.

*Heeelllllloooooo abandonment issues.
**I'm still coming to terms with why that can't be the case.


  1. One time Cindy said to me (jokingly, in a fitting scenario), "You have to know everything, Scarlet! It's hilarious."

    I did, though. It's hard for me not to know everything that's going on, but I've gotten better with just waiting to find out things.

  2. i couldn't identify more with the line, "The problem with being self aware is that you realize how effed up you are sometimes." it's so funny...because it's true!

    and just for the are the bee's knees.

  3. yea, can't really say that i like that fact that i'm always aware of who I am...good points on the bummer of self-awareness.

    --RC of

  4. You know it really scares me how much you and I are alike sometimes.

  5. Great post! I so relate to the overachiever business. In college (and until sometime, like, last week) I was hell bent on showing the world what an amazing overachiever I am by overexercising and overworking and draining all the joy out of anything I managed to accomplish. Seems to me, the only saving grace any of us can rely on is self-awareness--you nailed that one on the head. And it seems you've got that pretty down pat.

  6. A lot of people must go through that - the "big fish in a small pond" syndrome. I grew up in a small town and had a similar experience.

  7. Scarlet - I hear you on the wanting to know everything.

    Amanda - You're too sweet! Thanks : )

    Paper Raven - It must be a genetics thing ; )

    Jeci - Maybe we should start an official slack off day. Of course, I tend to call that summer.

    Darius - Good point.