Thursday, June 29, 2006

Book spy

I spend close to 90 minutes a day on the metro and, as you can imagine, have a lot of time to think and look around. Late last week I decided I was going to start keeping a record of all of the books I saw people reading on the metro and keep a running list over in the sidebar. I have four days worth of books recorded but am now waffling on whether or not to publish the list. Why? The selections are simply too boring. People are reading mostly crap, and the thought of making that list public kind of depresses me. The rare soul who seems to be taking a more adventurous leap into reading usually has the book I just can't manage to snag the title of. Otherwise, the reading pool is, in addition to boring, a bit homogenous. I see way too many duplicates of whatever the popular* titles happen to be. What are you reading?

* least according to people like Oprah or the New York Times.


  1. I'm reading Bitter Is The New Black. Just read Everyone Worth Knowing. Am halfway through Swanns Way. Rereading Harry Potter 3 and up next is going to be Three Junes.

    P.S. Down with the term "chick lit"!

  2. Anonymous10:08 AM

    I only read at work. The other reading I do is for class, so that's no fun.

    And I generally like to read books that don't take a lot of effort to read because it's a way of relaxing for me. I think that's why I tend not to watch really serious tv shows.


  3. I miss lifeguarding bc I got so much reading done then. Not WHILE watching the pool but on rainy days.