Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Always be prepared

Lately I've found myself inadequately prepared for life's little emergencies, and as someone who spends roughly 6 hours a day at her apartment (all of which are sleeping or preparing to sleep), I've decided I need to be a very ready girl on the go. What's in my emergency preparedness kit?

Flask (object of affection above) - Last night my cohorts and I could have used a little something extra in our Diet Cokes but were unfortunately not in a position to pop down to the local ABC Store. If I had been a prepared girl on the go, the evening would have went down a little smoother.
Breath Mints - As evidenced by last week's panic over my most recent run-in with my missed connection, a girl on the go should always be prepared to have sparkling breath.
Beautification Tool - I could never carry around an entire makeup supply, especially seeing as how I don't wear any on most days, but every girl on the go should have a lip gloss, mascara or whatever beautification tool she feels would give her that extra pop.
Swiss Army Knife - Not sure why, but everyone seems to think you need one (try pink). I guess you never know who (oops...I mean what) you'll need to cut.
Camera (preferably digital) - There are too many life moments that must be captured not to walk around with a camera. Who knows...you may be meant to tape the next Rodney King video.
Help me out. I don't want to be caught unprepared again. What would you put in your emergency preparedness kit?


  1. I have a flask. I need to carry it with me more. My mom bought it for me.

    My emergency kit would also have a granola bar and a starbucks gift card;)

    (Maybe a condom;) Be safe!)

  2. Chapstick. Definitely.
    Sunglasses. Never know when you'll need to be incognito...
    Starbucks card is a great idea!
    Gum would be my breath mints.
    Small notebook and a pen.
    Business Cards.


  3. Condoms.

    What?? You asked!

  4. Tampons, NARS pencil in taupe because you can use it on your eyes and lips, lipstick that doubles as blush, Orbit gum, a journal, Ipod, bottle of water, granola bar, Chanel Chance.

  5. I want a flask! I want THAT flask!

  6. all great suggestions, but no one has yet to say DEODERANT! Or a small perfume sample. right?!

  7. all great suggestions, but no one has yet to say DEODERANT! Or a small perfume sample. right?!