Thursday, May 04, 2006

Why metro is truly trying sometimes

Currently on the orange line traveling in the direction of Vienna and
surrounded by crazies. Seriously, I'm not being judgemental here. Any
psychologist would put both of these guys in a mental facility or at
least prescribe a heavy drug regime.

Crazy #1 talks really loudly, spouting off minute facts about Sesame
Street. I now proudly know that there was a special retrospective to
Mr. Hooper in 1983 after he died. Perhaps my favorite that came out of
his mouth was on the the new theater in Tyson's Corner.

"It's outrageous!"

Metro patron: "You mean expensive?"

"No. Outrageous, like in beautiful. It's beautiful."

Metro patron: "Oh."

"Outrageous. Jem...she's truly outrageous (he's singing, mind you).
Like that."

I swear he said just that. My lip throbbed just a tad as I bit down on
it to keep from laughing. I stopped laughing when he began to carry on
a conversation with himself in the mirror.

Crazy #2 had an obvious problem that he needed to share with the closest
metro employee. I didn't hear everything but evidently someone was near
him with a knife and he was afraid for his life. He also wanted to know
if it was ok to kill someone.

You can't make this shit up.


  1. Stephanie9:47 PM

    Hrm, I'm kinda glad that I am not on the metro anymore. Although at least you get some entertainment for the money you have to pay to park there and ride it.

  2. JEM! Jem is exciting! ooooh ooooh Jem... Jem is adventure!

    Magic and mystery, fashion and fame!
    ooooh Jeeeem is truly outrageous.
    truly, truly, truly truly truly outrageous!

    Wow, that was awesome.
    I <3 crazies.

  3. Why has everyone else in the world seen and heard of Jem but me?

  4. Oh I can so relate to this one--like every single morning. Sometimes it makes a good story and you can appreciate it--other times it just pisses you off!