Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More geeky than freaky

Thanks to Netflix (and Steven and Charlie for the strong recommends) I watched the pilot episode of Freaks & Geeks last night. Immediately it became apparent that this was in fact a documentary shot at my high school. I found myself watching and trying to figure out which group I had fit into in high school. Freak...geek...popular...jock...no...no...no...no. I was a floater, a little bit of many. Band nerd and honor society convert, the geeks were my peeps. I dated the guy who would quote Star Trek (don't ask). Don't pigeonhole me though. My cynicism and hatred of the "system" also gave me a home with the freaks. Though too straightedge to ever fully join, I hovered around the perimeter, dabbling occasionally. Popular never really took hold, though I had remnant friends from my junior high days as a mainstream cheerleader wannabe. I'm embarrassed to say now because it makes me look like such a bitch, but I considered myself better them, so I didn't even try matriculating into their crowd.

I'm curious how a show with such a strong underground following and such a tap on reality didn't make it more than one season. Were the geeks who grew up to become producers and directors tired of having to relive their awkward youth on the small screen, or maybe the jock/bully/popular kids who morphed into shiny ad execs didn't want to see freak kids and geek kids up close and personal so ad dollars were lost. Like I said, I've only just begun but am stoked to stroll down memory lane, reliving real life through the kids of Freaks & Geeks.


  1. Disc 1 is being sent to me today:)

    I, too, was a floater but I never hated the system...I guess because I'm cool and everyone loved/s me;)

    Also, don't feel like a bitch because you knew you were better than others!

  2. I <3 Freaks & Geeks. The only sad part is that there is no "closure" at the end of the series since it got cancelled before they could end it.

    A good thing though is that a lot of the characters from this show went on to make appearances on... other shows that got cancelled. "Undeclared" is a pretty damn good show too.

    Oh yay, I'm so glad you're watching one of my favorite shows :-)

  3. Stephanie7:47 PM

    I have never watched it, or heard of it. Does that make me sad?

  4. I haven't seen that show, but I want to. I was a floater too, just like you. I'm getting close to 40 now and I am still that way. Even in the blogosphere, I think that applies. Very interesting!

  5. Think how long it took me to get around to watching it. It definitely doesn't make you sad, Steph ; )