Friday, May 12, 2006

Missed connections

Do you believe in fate? As with many things in life, I've walked the line between buying into it and also knowing that regardless of fate I choose my own destiny. Lately I've started believing in fate a little more as I continue to cross paths with this one guy in all the oddest places. I first locked eyes with him as an off and on Barn customer. Maybe it's my imagination, but catching each other's eye has intensified over time. That said, I wouldn't think anything of it if it were just the Barn. It's not. I've accidentally parked beside him at Target and passed him on the streets of D.C. on a handful of occasions, each time eliciting a double take (from him). After seeing him again on Tuesday night, I finally decided that next time I saw him I would speak to him. He's cute, tall, and makes my heart skip beats. I'm interested. Easy enough, right? Well, fate is one smart-ass bitch because last night he boarded my normal bus a few people behind me. I've never seen him on this bus before, and he happens to get on so soon after I made my decision to speak?! As I took up residence in my normal seat (back corner), he sat down and proceeded to crane around to look at me. We locked eyes yet again (can I just say I'm ready to move beyond the eye lock). He would look back periodically and would glance at everyone that passed to see if it was my stop. Meanwhile, I'm putting on the lip gloss and texting Scarlet trying to figure out what to do. The bad news is that (1) I was dead tired having just gotten back from an event in Jersey; (2) tired does not = uber hot; (3) was carrying a tote where you could see my mixed drink pj bottoms on top; (4) was dealing with the drama of figuring out how I was going to get gas to my roommate who was stranded in the rain; and (5) already late to the Barn. So, even though I had my line prepared, I didn't approach him. The timing was just off. I do believe in fate and know we'll cross paths again. Next time I'll be prepared ; )


  1. I still maintain the PJs would be a great ice breaker.

  2. You have to go for it next time! Fate is hitting you over the head with this one!

  3. you could have dropped your pjs on his lap and asked him if he would like to see them again :D

  4. No worries, Mindi, I so am! Good idea, Coyote Mike. ; )

  5. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Wait a minute... I wasn't on your bus today.


  6. CoyoteMike-I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  7. SD - You've already seen me in my pjs, so the ploy wouldn't have worked on you ; )

  8. assuming he's not stalking you...

    You can't smurfing pass up opportunity like that!!!!!!


    you don't want to find yourself 20 years later thinking "what if?"

    Fortune favors the bold, and when you are old and grey and look back on your life you will regret the things you DID NOT do more than you regret the things you did...

    Carpe diem - seize the day


    tempis fugit - time flies

  9. Yes, I believe in it. Talk to him!