Saturday, April 01, 2006

When going forward sucks

Tonight is one of the few times in life where moving forward truly sucks. It's the one time of the year when I really wish moving backward was an option. Whatever. Today I'll do a little mental spring cleaning and indulge myself in a list. I love lists but generally hate boring others with them. However, in this case, perhaps putting in words what I want to accomplish over the next two months will solidify my willpower to make it so.

Making Spring 2006 Work for Me:
  • Complete grad school application (April 15)
  • Survive American Rivers (the amount of work I have to do over the next 8 weeks could be a list in and of itself)
  • Complete production of Jem: The E! True Hollywood Story
  • Apply for space/attend at the Atlanta Indie Craft Experience
  • Visit family in Texas
  • Submit the long-delayed article to Bust
  • Hold hands
My immediate future means involves me working on the latest rendition of MailTunes.


  1. holding hands....yeh!

  2. You can hold my hand, but just one. If you hold both of them, my nose will start to itch.

  3. I <3 holding hands.

    And i can't wait for I.C.E.!!!!!

  4. I second "holding hands"!

  5. Amen to the first "to do" item. Now just to take those pesky GRE's. Urggh.