Thursday, July 07, 2005

Where do dreams go to die?

Riding the metro this morning I found myself standing by this young girl. I'm not sure why, but she reminded me of a younger (think 11 y.o.) version of a lot of us. Standing, while she sat, I noticed her pink polkadot headband bent over a novel, devouring it. When she tired of the novel, she reached for her notebook and began sketching. You could obviously see that the notebook was full of such ideas. I saw in her the hopes and dreams we once had, that some of us still have. It wasn't anything she did or said, but I was reminded of a time when it was still ok to dream. I was left wondering what happens when the innocence fades away and cynicism colors our dreams. My mind kind of flittered around this morning on the train because I then started thinking about all the dreams that died in London yesterday and then how the dream seems to have died for this country a long time ago. We no longer dream...we fear.


  1. dreams die because people need insurance.

  2. Ha,I was being sarcastic. Just that, it's always been #1 with my family to have insurance so the focus when being done with school was to get a job that had benefits. A "dream" plan for me could have been something like, moving to NYC and trying out for pit orchestra or moving to Puerto Rico to work at the rain forest, I dunno.

  3. i still dream. all the time.
    i think a lot of people do.

    i think it's what hope is about.

    amid all the horror, still finding joy in putting one foot in front of the other.

    plugging on. dreaming big dreams. daring to do our best.

    dream on.