Saturday, July 23, 2005

All things girly

I picked up the latest issue of Bust last night and finally had an
opportunity to take a peek inside its glossy covers. I *heart* Bust.
Reading it always makes me happy to be a girl. It wreaks of new wave
feminism that eclipses anything our fore-mothers could have imagined
(ha! I know I just lost half of you by just dropping the f-word.) It's
funny because this post was originally going to be about how I love
d.i.y., but can I instead tell you why I love the new feminism that's
been brewing over the last few years and why I'm not afraid of the
*I love that feminism these days embraces Sydney Bristow and America's Next Top Model.
*I love that feminism believes that men and women, while not the same, are equal.
*I love that the new feminism embraces and makes no apologies for women who choose to be strippers, stay-at-home moms, sluts, want no children of their own, or enjoy baking a Martha Stewart tart.
*I love that the new feminism wears make-up and isn't afraid to buy a vibrator.
*I love that the new feminism can be just as activist as our predecessors...just with new issues.
It's not everything, but it's enough.


  1. Congratulations, It's the first feminist "rant" I've ever agreed whole-heartedly with!

  2. Anonymous7:36 AM

    i <3 bust!!
    and your definition of feminism!

    good job, i like this post :-)


  3. Anonymous6:30 PM

    I love how feminist's can't shave their pits because it's a sign of "male oppression"......

    Fucking blogosphere.


  4. continue to amuse me : )