Tuesday, April 05, 2005


A man made me sad last night. He came into the store looking for books for kids on dealing with divorce. This isn't anything new. I've helped people find these books before, but when I handed him the books, he broke down and started sobbing. "I can't even look at them," he said. I just about lost it myself at this point. (1) I'm a big time sympathy crier, and (2) my parents got divorced when I was young, so I know the drill. Instead, I managed to get out something about my parents getting divorced and me turning out alright. He said 'him, too.' Anyway, I had to get out of that section and pull myself together in the restroom. It continues to amaze me how--25 years later--I can still feel like that lost, abandoned little girl.


  1. Just browsed in...

    Great site. I love blogs about real people writing "real" feelings!

    Keep it up!

    ...ducking out...

  2. blog surfing, found your blog. touching post. been there. done that. next person who doesn't want to pour through the divoce books a local library should have socialization games dealing with the crucible of divorce. it's hell gift-wrapped. freudianslipsincreativewriting.blogspot.com