Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Be The One

I keep getting periodic emails about a campaign called The One. I don't know how I got on the email list and don't remember signing up for the campaign. Regardless, I receive an email about once a month telling me about the One. Why should you care? Because through these emails I've begun to learn the One and know they are fighting a valiant cause. The goal of the One is to join together as one to fight the global AIDs epidemic and extreme poverty. It's about each One of us making a difference. It's about getting an additional One percent of the U.S. budget dedicated to providing health care assistance, education, clean water and food to the world's poorest countries. Why now? The government is getting ready to figure out how much money it will put toward humanitarian assistance. The G8 summit is also coming up in July and represents another opportunity to show the world's leaders that we want responses to these crises. Don't think the situation is that bad? Bone up on some of these articles below...

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