Thursday, March 10, 2005


Last night was off the chain! The girls came out singing, "Where the soldier at...where they at...where they at...where they at" and the boys came stepping up the aisle. Powerful. Centuries of tradition radiating through these boys as they showed us new way to be. Then Tommy, Marcus and crew got the hype up even more with the rap, "Go, Jesus. He's my dj." Everybody jumping up and down, hand in the air. The church was literally bumping.

All this before we even got a word. The one but God can put a period on you or your life (Revelations 1:8 He is the Alpha and Omega...the beginning and the end). When tries to count you out...stop your destiny (period), know that God isn't done and can work it out. Just look at them when they say "'ll never make" and use that God-given punctuation "comma."

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