Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A day at DC-area breweries

Scarlet's birthday, 02.16.13

We celebrated Scarlet's birthday this weekend, and for the first time in a long time, I remembered to make an effort to snap lots of photos of the people around me. We all used to take hundreds of photos of ourselves at every event and outing, and over time, these photos evolved into pictures of signs, table settings, and what we've eaten. I created photo grids for a few of these same people for Valentine's Day and was reminded of how precious all of those (some would say self-indulgent) photos were. I got a huge kick looking back at older photos and reminiscing about the amazing times and the good life that I have. All of this thinking spurred some rampant picture snapping this weekend.

Speaking of, we spent some time at two of the DC area's breweries, DC Brau and Lost Rhino Brewing Company. Two vastly different experiences that probably speak to their respective locations (DC proper and Ashburn, VA). DC Brau was a madhouse! It's a relatively small space tucked away in NE DC, and it was filled with young DC. If I were the type to use the word hipster, I'd throw it out here. Once we got our initial bearings (insert momentary panic attack here) and figured out what was where, it was all good. The people were friendly, and the drink tickets were aplenty (and free). Minus the crowds, I loved the look and feel of this place. If you like beer and are looking for something free to do in DC, go here.

Lost Rhino was very, umm, northern Virginia. The crowds were decidedly more suburban and included a fair share of families with kids. While you'll pay for your drinks here, there's a bit more variety, and you have the option of ordering smaller sample sizes. They also have food for sale, which is a nice plus. As far as taste, everyone* seemed to enjoy the beer at Lost Rhino a little more than DC Brau.

birthday collage

*With the exception of this non-beer drinker.

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