Tuesday, January 22, 2013

5 things you need to keep in mind when eating barbecue in Texas


I am by no means a barbecue savant. Still, you can guarantee I'll (1) always have barbecue when I travel back to Texas and (2) crave it when I'm hanging around vegans. I didn't leave San Angelo on my most recent trip, but I managed to eat at both Bodacious Bar-B-Q and Bubba's. As I was scooping ice out of Bubba's cooler, it occurred to me that there are five things* you need to keep in mind when eating barbecue in Texas.

1. There will always be a loaf of white bread on the table.
2. Do not think about whose hands have been inside that bag.
3. Things could get messy, so make sure you've also got the roll of paper towels.
4. It's as much about the sides as it is the meat.
5. Speaking of meat, you'll probably have to pick out your own. Don't worry, I've never seen them name it.

*These things may hold true in other states, too, but it hasn't been my experience with Virginia barbecue.


  1. BBQ is the best part of Texas!!

  2. oh its the same in Georgia lol :) with a big pitcher of sweet tea