Sunday, October 14, 2012

Vote 2012 - Election Pinning


I guess you could say I'm political. I'm not obsessive to the point of only reading, talking and breathing politics. Oh, you don't know those people? Avoid DC if you don't want to. Still, I was raised to give a damn and to get as involved as possible. I read candidate biographies, study up on the issues I care about, try to track positions from a variety of sources and talk a lot of smack just for fun. I've even volunteered and worked for candidates at different points in my life.

Anyway, I've been struggling with how to express myself this election. Over the last few (er..12) years, I slide into cynicism now and then. This election cycle I've finally found myself getting pissed again, needing to speak out. To fulfill this need, I've come up with a couple of fun* ways to get political on here between now and November 6.

First up is a pinboard I created to help me work through what I'm looking for in a candidate. I've included a few above, but you can check all my pins here.  Given that Pinterest is such a visual tool, I don't really feel it's an ideal forum for issues or advocacy (others would disagree). I had a hard time finding good photos of issues that weren't protected. I finally found my footing when I began to stumble across typography and quotes.

Sources: big oil/coal, visionary, education, poor

*I'd rather save my impassioned rants for issues, legislation, etc.

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