Friday, November 26, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving, gang. I've been using the day after to do a little day dreaming.

Photo by Scarlet Rose

I dream. I dream of a cottage with a garden and sunlit studio. Gabled roofs and bay windows*.

There is also a piece of me buried not so deep that wants to acquire one of these beauties and traverse the country collecting and telling stories. Teaching and learning.

Sunset and Airstream
Photo by Rich Luhr

Inspired by listening to Don Davis speak and his current research** into the forgotten people of Louisiana’s coastal wetlands. This is a man who understands culture and history and the importance of human relationships to the evolution of our landscape. Geeky and random, but I get excited by ideas like this.

Three Hills Street Freaks Show
Photo by James Tworow

Think I can convince my j-o-b to let me be their roving office for six months while I spread the gospel of river restoration? Hahaha. Yeah, me neither.

Photo by Volker Neumann

I've been completely devouring this blog (Delightfully Tacky), so it's only natural my wanderlust has been triggered :-)

*There’s also a nice smelling man in this scenario.
**I want to read one of his newer books, Washed Away? The Invisible Peoples of Louisiana’s Wetlands.

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  1. wow... It's classic car. I like it...