Thursday, November 11, 2010

June Cleaver

Pyrex. Oh those coveted bowls and dishes. They are sought, collected, displayed and cherished by people all around the country.

eight more reasons to love my thrifty meme
Photo by Tofutti Break

My own beady eyes have scanned shelves at thrift stores for the pretty colors and patterns, attracted to simple styling and sturdiness, and I know I'm not alone. I've generally got a pal by my side who is just as enamored and cradling a slew of stacked bowls in her arms.

Photo by Leigh Kelsey

I never really stopped to think about why, past the aesthetic appeal, owning Pyrex provided such satisfaction. However, as I began making dinner at my mom's house tonight, I found myself headed to that familiar shelf in the cabinet where she keeps her Pyrex casserole dishes. As I pulled it down, I realized that it's the connection to my past and the stories of growing up that drive me to inadvertently seek out that Pyrex casserole dish.

While just a piece of glass, the brand is also my grandmother teaching me how to make a lasagna...Thanksgivings around the kitchen table...watching my mom make crazy cakes (Better Than Sex cake, anyone?) for special occasions.

Pyrex Museum, Bremerton, WA
Photo by Curtis Cronn

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