Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last week...a recap

I spent the majority of last week tucked away in the hills of North Carolina discussing river and organizational sorts of things. There was also some staff bonding to be attended to. Surprisingly, I didn't pull my camera out that often. A quick slideshow of what I did capture. You can view the full size pictures in my Flickr stream.

If I were to summarize in list form, I would have to mention:

- "Just gun it."
- Running out of water the first morning.
- Getting the van stuck on the side of the hill.
- Smiling faces I haven't seen in a while.
- "Fireman!" "Ew, Appalachian firemen."
- What are models?
- Laughing at others getting splashed.
- Listening to parts of a lot of different 80s songs.
- Amy and the hilarious, smart ass remarks she has for everything.
- A to the K!
- River charades and a level of dorkiness that few should ever learn about.

I'm sure I could think of more, but that's enough for tonight.

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