Monday, January 18, 2010

Finding my style

This past week was my first week of Style School. For some reason this feels like a big confession, and I'm not sure why. :-) Click on the link if you want to learn more about it. All I can say is that I'm having so much fun and love the self exploration aspect of it. One of the ongoing projects throughout the class is to keep a style binder* of everything I find that inspires me creatively in my crafting, home, life and wardrobe.

One of the introductory questions about my style icons really stumped me. I immediately texted Scarlet to see if she had style icons because, to be quite frank, I was coming up blank. Sure, lots of people inspire me, but to raise someone to the level of icon status seems like it should come with its own set of special criteria. Anyway, I was puttering around my apartment one evening, and it hit me. Spies...and detectives. I love the whole detective look! I'm looking at you, Nancy Drew**. Here is a girl who can solve crimes all while cloaked in cutest retro skirts and other outfits. I wouldn't go so far as to limit my style influences so narrowly, but there's something that clicks here.

A little modern day Nancy Drew...

*I actually think this is the hardest project. I've never been one for actually clipping or printing things.
**And Velma and Jennifer Garner in Alias and...


  1. I loooooove nancy drew!

  2. so fun! What a great idea ... I would never have thought about a book character as a style icon!