Monday, December 07, 2009

Of unicorns, beer, and other mythical creatures

The holidays aren’t usually the time of year for goodbyes. It’s usually the one time of year I can almost guarantee that I get to see people I love. The past two weekends, however, have been spent saying farewell to one of my besties as she prepares to move to Heidelberg. One thing we manage to do well is to celebrate.

While everyone else stormed Old Navy at 3am and tried to avoid getting trampled at Wal-Mart, we headed to West Virginia on Black Friday for dinner at the Bavarian Inn and sprinkled a little Christmas magic on a cabin in Harper’s Ferry. The photo below isn’t our cabin, but it’s pretty damn close. Paper chains, twinkle lights, and a real Christmas tree in a cabin with my closest friends. Spiked cider, a holiday playlist, and strolling down memory lane made it complete. (We all wait in anticipation for Terra’s pictures!)

This past Friday we headed into Old Town Alexandria for a more traditional round of goodbyes over drinks at Pat Troy’s (who, btw, have a unicorn in their sign!). Mixing old friends and new, we took over the back of the bar and invited our friends Bacardi, Juengling, Harp and Smithwick to join us. This time around memories were shared through our favorite drinks. Remember those $5 Jaeger Bombs in Fredericksburg? Guess we’d better do one since you’re leaving. Remember Steven and Allie racing to finish Irish Car Bombs at Ravena’s? Guess you’d better do one since you’re leaving. Before long everything became a memory to be celebrated, and everyone had a new nickname. Whereas Harper’s Ferry was sentimental and intimate, Pat Troy’s was silly and joyous.

We had a great run in Virginia, Delegge. Can’t wait to visit and add some European road trips and shenanigans to the list.


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