Saturday, March 10, 2007

Washington D.C.*

We went to the opening reception for the DCist Exposed Photography Show. My overall impressions of the show are very positive. The vast majority of the photos were amazing with only a few that left me thinking of the contrived, the average. The Warehouse Theater, which was home to the show, wasn't disappointing. The minimum amount of square footage, though crowded, was also cozy, and I fell in love with the room that appeared unfinished. Things I would have liked: someplace to drop my heavy coat, free drinks, and for it to be a bit more clear how to buy a photograph**.

I left inspired, which is always the idea. Good job, DCist!

*I finished Mailtunes and was not the last. This one of the few songs in my mix.
**Maybe this is my fault since I don't play on the DC art scene much. Maybe I'm just not familiar with the rules.


  1. Agreed with all things you said. It wasn't easy to buy a piece, but Heather was very helpful when ya found her.

    Thanks to all of them at DCist; I'm sure it'll be better next time.

  2. i'm really proud of you for not being the last in the MailTunes roundup :-)

  3. I left and took a billion pictures that night. still got nothing as good as a few of the pieces =)