Monday, March 05, 2007

Cheryl Tweedy

I've been feeling like being crafty lately but have balked at knitting due to a serious lack of cute yarn. Seriously, the closest places selling yarn to me are Michael's and Wal-Mart who both have such uninspiring selections. Maybe I'm just being picky. My other problem is that I'm ready to learn some new knitting skills but am not feeling patient enough to actually invest the time in acquiring them.

My solution? Try a new craft. Considering it was my first go, I'm pretty pleased with the results. They're supposed to be earring; however, because I made a silly mistake they're really nothing. I didn't put a big enough hole, and it shrunk to virtually nothing. Ah well, lessons learned. The next version will rock!


  1. being crafty takes so much time... especially learning new crafts. but those earrings look pretty fun

  2. shrinky dinks!? wow, that takes me back.

  3. Amanda, definitely shrinky dinks. I never experienced those as a kid but am loving it now. I owe the idea to Adore magazine.