Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Facts of life

I truly believe that life has the ability to be inordinately simple. If so, then why do I always find a way to complicate things, fuck it up? Stewing in my own thoughts, I realize that almost every complicating factor in my life ultimately became complicated because of me. I rocked the boat and made the simple dramatic and hard. Sometimes I just yearn for those days where my toughest decision used to be what color to make the sky. Right now, I'd make the sky green and the grass blue.


  1. a green sky!? That's impossible! You're freaking me out with the thought. I would want a pink sky bc that always means snow. And the ground would be dark red, orange, and yellow from fallen leaves. Oh, and the leaves would be crunchy.

    I'm babbling and probably missed your point.

  2. It's a reference to a Dolly Parton song.

  3. because we are complicated people. blissful ignorance?

  4. Yes, but when I was in middle school my friend and I used to discuss what colors the sky could be. I always remember us deciding the sky is never green. Ever. Brown-yes. Purple-yes. Red-yes. But never ever green.

  5. Why would you want life to be simple though?

    You don't learn anything unless you make mistakes!
    I know this very, very well.

    Like when I learned that I should not drink 7 Smirnoff Ice's and then jump around to the Milkshake song.

    Or that chewing an entire package of big league chew and then trying to talk results in a bitten tongue.

  6. i hear you SO well. i complicate EVERYTHING. i miss simplicity.