Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Be ye not defeated

Well, I survived my own adventures in babysitting last night*. I seriously don't know how people do it. I was basically left to handle 1/2 of what turned out to be a two kid equation and still found it difficult. Do you know how difficult it is to hold a baby, a bottle and a diet coke while walking down the stairs? The baby seriously cramped my ability to adequately caffienate myself or send email/texts. Despite these setbacks, he was still pretty cool**...until he got tired and started to cry (and cry and cry). Somehow I managed to convince him to fall asleep as Allie was putting Cordelia (the three year old) to bed; however, because the parentals had told me how he liked silence we sat there in the dark, afraid to turn on the light or the TV. How pathetic is that? We actually made it 45 minutes before the crying started again. At that point, we just said screw it and turned the TV on. The silence we were rewarded was only after 15 minutes of tears. I will readily admit to wondering how in the hell I would know if he were even broken.

Some of the more memorable moments...

*Cordelia telling Allie her butt hurt.
*Having to change my first diaper...ever.
*Trying to convince Cordelia to dip her PB&J into the ketchup.
*Thor (the baby) rolling over my glass of diet coke.
*Finally falling asleep on the couch around 11.

*Thanks in large part to Allie, who handled the first round of diapers and took care of 1/2 of the kid equation.
**I'm pretty sure I'm too selfish to even consider kids. I explained to little Thor that people like him don't travel well.


  1. Very cute! would've made a really good episode of some reality show... i can just see the slow motion playback on the diet coke spilling with scary music...

  2. Stephanie11:36 AM

    I never asked if she got you your diet coke? Did she learn any new words? They are both happy this morning and Cordelia wants you to come back over now haha. He is well he is rolling on the floor like normal chewing on stuff /sigh

  3. As much as I harassed you about them, they are some pretty cute buggers. No new words last night. I even managed to refrain from cursing ; )

  4. I enjoyed all the text messages referring to him as "it"....I WANT TO HELP NEXT TIME, DAMMIT! I'm so maternal!