Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Stigma of walking

Walking (propelling oneself with one's own two feet) in the suburbs is akin announcing you have leprosy or that you've always wanted a child with three arms to handle chores better. Ever since my car died, I have become familiar with buses, walking and the like. I am continually amazed at how weird people think walking is. People stare at walkers. A key piece to this is that you have to be wearing normal (i.e., nonworkout) attire. Slapping on your running shoes, sweatband, and a pair of shorts to get in a walking workout is ok, but walking to get from point A to point B is preposterous. "Don't you have a mini Hummer to use to go that one mile? Do you have so much free time on your hands you can afford to walk?" Their eyes burn these questions into my soul. Perhaps I would be less bitter about this if I weren't being forced to walk by a car that is now a very expensive piece of junk.


  1. Anonymous8:42 AM

    hi, i love to walk. that's why my shoes has a short life span. :P i once walk too much, a nail turns blue & i lost it, & don't worry it's not painful. it's really not the walking really, but the shoes. make sure you wear really good shoes when you walk, okay! :)

  2. Walking is something I miss from living in a city. It's too bad that you live in a busy area but it's not one very condusive to walking. I, on the flip side, live in a tiny town that is not walkable. I hate that.

  3. Walking I can handle, although people do look at you like you've just invented it. Waiting for the bus though, folks look like you're in the food stamps line, and they're paying taxes.