Monday, November 21, 2005

Fear of Dreaming

I am an inquisitive person. A friend of mine is attempting to set me up with her English professor. She piqued my curiousity by telling me we might hit it off and talking about how mysterious he was. A snapshot and a name later and I was officially intrigued. The man was hot in that geek chic way that I love. Evidently he was intelligent, well-read and had recently published his first novel. All very promising. I then did what every girl with a blog, a Google obsession and an addiction to Alias would do. I googled him. More than your average novice, I took it one step further and trolled Technorati just to ensure I didn't miss anything. Some might call it a bit obsessive, but I believe fully in being an informed citizen. While I didn't discover the secret blog I was hoping for, I did discover his "official" website and a couple of different interviews with him following the release of his book.

Did I learn anything? I learned that Matt Bondurant comes across as one cocky piece of work. Personally, I cannot stand the Dan Brown obsession and would never consider him a literary genius. However, it seems in poor taste for Bondurant to slam Brown's writing while talking about how he set out to write more of a literary novel. I, for one, am fed up with writers and their quest to produce a literary masterpiece. You either possess that kind of talent or you don't. If you have to remind us how talented you are, perhaps you value your work more than the rest of the world. Perhaps the literary novel you thought you wrote is more Clive Cussler than Alexander Dumas. Of course, Bondurant himself admits that writing is an arrogant endeavor in an interview on

I could continue on my rant, pointing out the numerous instances where Bondurant came across as arrogant. I am loathe to admit, however, that I find this cockiness somewhat appealing. Help me out here. Why do some women (myself included) have a soft spot for arrogant men?


  1. Because ignorant men have this passion about them that makes them appealing.
    Arrogant men tend to argue and become very hot-headed, which in my opinion is very, VERY hot.

    Good post. :-) Not at ALL what i thought it was going to be about ;-)

  2. I think I might have a soft spot for assertive 'men'...Only because I am most definitely NOT assertive. I can't really think of anyone I would describe as arrogant that I've been a particular fan of. Hmmm...

  3. Arrogance is just a step or two past confident. And confident is sexy. But after a while, I think those extra steps start to wear on your nerves.

  4. I watch All My Children all the time (I'm embarrassed to say) which I'm sure is written mostly by women for women and must say something about their fantasy lives:

    And I always wonder why all of the sexy men on the show are completely arrogant and "manly" in an old fashioned way. Myabe women know that an arrogant man is the one most likely to "protect" them -- and this is culturally built into a woman's psyche. (I also think women like the challenge of "taming" a man.)

  5. Neil -

    As much as your comment disgusts me (and it does), I believe you are correct in your analysis of the socialization of women. I do agree that arrogant men represent a challenge and am also a bit loathe to admit that women (me included) want a take-charge man sometimes. I think arrogant men possess this. (can't believe I just said this...may have to have my feminist card revoked)

  6. Because in a way, it comes across as confidence and all of us (men and women) are wildly attracted to confidence. but the whole arrogance thing - in reality, it's insecurity masked in a confident facade.

  7. I've never had a feminist card...

    And I actually read Neil's comment different before and after reading your reaction to it, Flameon. Interesting