Friday, October 28, 2005

A break in the clouds

Some of you know I've been struggling over the past 2-3 months with
finding a book that holds my attention. This wouldn't be such a problem
if I wasn't a voracious reader. Hell, I work at a bookstore part-time
to support my habit. A reader...who can't get into reading?! The sick
part is that I still want the books; I just can't bring myself to
actually read them. Anyway, I digress. Yesterday, I found myself
already 100 pages into a book, an advance copy of "A Total Waste of
Makeup". The problem I'm having is that it's CHICK LIT! I don't read
chick lit (well...once in a blue moon)! I couldn't make it through
"Oryx & Crake" by Margaret Atwood, but I'm flying through this?! I
*love* Margaret Atwood...Booker Prize judges orgasm at her feet when she
publishes a new book. I'm tempted to make all kinds of excuses about
how this particular book is intelligent (I swear it's not dumb) or how
it resonates that the main character is about to turn 30 or how I'm so
tired and stressed with work that books that don't hurt my brain soothe
me. I could make those excuses, but I'm not going to. I'm just going
to embrace the fact that yes, I treasure a smart, witty read like
everyone else, but sometimes you've got to feed the brain a little
*I should also re-evaluate my prejudices against chick lit. Damn
publishers for lumping all these books under such a stupid label and
automatically making us hate them.*


  1. Am I the only person who hasn't heard the term, "chick lit"?

    You and your "chick lit" sound like me and my pop music. I like it because I like it. It's good for what it is. Chick lit/pop music aren't going to change lives (?) but why should they?

    I love Britney!!!!!!

  2. I'm an obsessive reader as well, and lately I just can't get into anything either. I have a pile of books waiting to be read--several piles in fact. I've often felt guilty about the chick lit thing, but I think you've got the right attitude. Sometimes you just want to be entertained with something light. It doesn't mean you're quitting good literature. And most of it isn't stupid at all. For the most part, these books are probably being written by women who always wanted to write, but one day just said "Screw it! Wouldn't it be funny if I just jumped on this bandwagon and told the world about my life!...But...uh...fictionalized, to protect the guilty."

  3. I love chick lit. Can I borrow it when you're done?