Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Am I destined to be a sidekick?

I went to see In Her Shoes yesterday and was surprised that enjoyed it
as much as I did. The movie, along with other recent events, got me
thinking about how, in life, someone seems always destined to be the
sidekick. In In Her Shoes, Toni Collette wasn't exactly your typical
sidekick, but in certain arenas, particularly with men, she clearly
spent a good portion of the movie playing sidekick to Cameron Diaz's
younger sister. Other, more classic, sidekick movies such as The Truth
About Cats and Dogs feature a more blatant sidekick component. In each
of these movies the sidekick eventually comes into her own. Toni
Collette does indeed marry the nice, hot guy and Janeane Garofalo really
is enough for the dog guy. Through most periods of my life I've made a
good sidekick. When does the part come, though, when I get to stop
playing the role of sidekick and become the main attraction?


  1. I HATE Janeane Garafolo...ugh, so much.

    I'm glad In Her Shoes was good. did the Cameran Diaz character find love, too?

  2. I really like Janeane Garofalo : )

    As for the movie...let's just say Cameron Diaz's character finds something better than love.

  3. I like Janeane too, especially in her Reality Bites character.

    That movie was good, though I thought Cameron looked really old.

    I think everyone inevitably plays both roles: sidekick and superhero.
    You just need to give enough space to yourself to step out of the shadows...

  4. Ahhh, the bigger gain. I gotcha!

    Yeah, I don't like her one bit (JG).

    Yeah I can definitely think of both sidekick and superhero times in my own life.

  5. i want to see in her shoes also. i believe that a woman stops being the sidekick when she believes she is better than that, she believes in her worth as the main attraction, she believes she is deserving of top billing. you, my friend, are worth all that.

  6. Thanks, chicas : )