Sunday, September 25, 2005


I wonder how much of our lives we spend waiting for things. Right now
I'm waiting for the bus (welcome to life without a working vehicle).

I'm waiting for enough time to finish all of my creative projects. When
will I allow my schedule enough time to open up to devote more of myself
to those things that make me happy?

I'm waiting for the right moment to look for that next job opportunity,
fill out that grad school application.

I'm waiting for the right man to come along. Don't play coy...many of
you are, too. Hell, some of you are waiting for the right man to make
the right decision.

I spent 45 minutes of my life waiting to get into a restaurant on Friday
night and an hour that day waiting for my car to be towed.

How much of days do we spend waiting? I have to wonder if all of that
waiting is necessary or if some of things we wait on are just an excuse
to avoid living life. For me, I would have to say yes on both
accounts. Some things are so worth waiting for, while others simply
stand as an excuse for fear.


  1. In my next life, I'll be a motivational speaker:

    Not in all cases, but in's the way you spend your time waiting that is important. While waiting to get our table on Friday night we still got to talk and laugh and look at gorgeous clothes (mmm). While waiting for the bus you were able to blog. I want to start carrying a book with me to pop open whenever I am waiting.

    Other situations get trickier. How do you pass your time while waiting for that significant other to come/make decisions? Its a fine line between living your life and moving on it seems.
    Waiting for more time? That's something you have to make happen but I know for you and me that involves quitting The Barn and saying goodbye to that extra paycheck we get each week. But once we get that extra time we have to take advantage of it!

    I should stop rambling:)

  2. I like your rambling and know you're right on both accounts. And people wonder why I carry such a big bag!