Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Antiquated dress codes

Antiquated dress codes irk me. At this moment in time I am specifically referring to pantyhose. I was participating in a conversation the earlier in the week at the Barn about dress codes, and one of the managers (female) mentioned that the store manager asked why she wasn't wearing pantyhose. Said manager had a reply ready since she had researched the employee handbook and had seen that they weren't required. She won. This, however, raised a much larger issue with me. Namely, why the hell do some places of employment still require their female employees to wear pantyhose? If a woman chooses to wear pantyhose, that is her perogative. I can, however, think of no reasons for requiring them that aren't sexist. Help me out here...why should pantyhose be required as part of a dress code?


  1. Who notices if someone is wearing panty hose or not anyway???

  2. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Coming from a place that requires pantyhose, I agree that they should be worn under certain circumstances. It creates a polished look. I think that not wearing pantyhose looks sloppy in some situations. It also makes my legs not look ass-white.
    It's like men not wearing ties in a professional workplace. It's the details that count.


  3. Yeah but why should it matter if your legs are white? I think it would look less polished if someone wore nasty white hose or those suntan colored ones.


  4. Anonymous10:06 PM

    You're stereotyping people who wear pantyhose. Why would someone even think about wearing white pantyhose? You've got the wrong idea.
    In a business-type place, it's about making a good impression, feeling good about yourself.


  5. Did you say, "stereotyping people who wear pantyhose"?? I didn't say everyone wears white panty hose-ha! Some people do, however, and I was merely saying that I don't think that looks any more professional than not wearing any at all.

    And are you on crack? "feeling good about yourself"- I don't know what kind you're wearing but I've never thought- "Gee, I'm not feeling very good about myself, maybe I'll put on some pantyhose to feel better."

    Looking professional IS important and yes, in some work environments, it has so far been a requirement but seeing as how one of the shades is NUDE you'd think a person could go without.

    I just can't believe someone tries to enforce them at Barnes and Noble...I mean, COME ON!

  6. Anonymous11:38 PM


    I never said I agreed with the stupid store manager at the Barn. I just said that I understood the need to wear pantyhose.

    I honestly think that skirts (non-summer related ones) look tacky with bare legs. Too casual.

    Feeling good about yourself has more to do with wearing pantyhose, I'm quite aware of that.

    I guess you just don't understand.
    Jeez, didn't want to make a big deal about it.

    To each his own.


  7. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Thank god my "business-type place" doesn't require hose.
    I don't know about hose effects on self esteem, but I know that my Pesonal Level Of Happiness And Willingness To Continue Living plummets whenever I wear hose.
    I kid, but only kind of. I'll wear hose to keep my legs warm if I absolutely must wear a dress or skirt in cold weather, but otherwise my legs desire FREEDOM! We must break free from these oppressive pantyhose shackles!!!!
    But to answer your question, I personally don't think they should be part of the dress code. They're annoying, often uncomfortable, and they get runs and holes in them. I prefer more comfortable clothes for work and for play.
    -Fiery Cupcake Of Death

  8. Anonymous9:36 AM

    oh and that's "Personal" not "Pesonal".

  9. Debate...I love it!

    I think the decision to wear pantyhose is definitely a personal one. Much like how attractive or unattractive I want my legs to be is my personal decision. People can look ridiculous in a variety of professional garb, so the idea that pantyhose should be required because they make you look more polished doesn't really work for me. I could seriously go off on a whole tangent about dress codes in general and the judgement of people on their clothing, but I am going to refrain.

  10. requiring pantyhose treads dangerous ground in my opinion. borders on telling people what kind of underwear they can wear. aren't pantyhose considered undergarments, anyway? also, they are supposedly a fashion "don't" unless you absolutely have to wear them in the case of weather, need for control top or hide unsightly vericose veins.

  11. "fashion "don't" unless you absolutely have to wear them in the case of weather, need for control top or hide unsightly vericose veins."

    haha, amen!