Thursday, August 18, 2005

Gettin' wiggy with it

I think I mentioned earlier this week that my friend Scarlet and I
purchased wigs over the weekend and had a fabulous time parading about
in them. Since then I have carted my wig (longer, bedroom-messy black
hair with chunky bangs) a couple of different places and can't help but
write about the liberating effects of playing dress-up. When I put on
the wig, I felt a little bolder, a little saucier (at least with
strangers). It was interesting to see the skepticism and confusion
coming across people who know me. I could see a lack of comprehension
lingering behind their eyes and pasted on smiles of the few women I know
who spotted me. That is...until they slipped on the wig for
themselves. These skeptics suddenly found themselves posing and vamping
it up for the camera like any Betty Page wannabe.

It was the wig! Playing dress-up, whether it's slipping on a wig or
that ball gown you only get to wear on occassion, allows us the
creativity to express ourselves in a different way. Maybe it's the
feeling that we can hide from that insecure part of ourselves that may
keep us from taking that leap.

So my advice? Get wiggy with it every once in awhile. Slip on that
thing or hang out with that friend that allows you to comfortably
explore other aspects of your personality.


  1. Anonymous7:41 AM

    hahahahah "get wiggy"
    now i have that damn will smith song stuck in my head.


  2. CRAP! I forgot my wig again today...

  3. this sounds like great fun!
    funny how something like a wig or a "costume" gives us permission to expand our comfort zones. i'm gonna try it!

  4. You should definitely try the wig! I'm in love!

    Scarlet, just remember the wig on Saturday! Otherwise, we'll end up driving all the way to Bealeton and filming there!

  5. Bealeton? The indie film capital of the world?