Tuesday, August 09, 2005

All's fair, or is it?

I am emotionally tired. One friend, in particular, has been occupying a
lot of my emotional thought life, and I'm nearly at the end of my rope.
Yes, I have seen this coming and have been fighting it like a pack of
rabid dogs but really felt the negative effects tonight when I found myself start to get exasperated at even the thought of another friend in a bad
mood. That's really uncalled for on my part. I can't let my concern
for one friend corner the market on my ability to be there for other
friends or even myself. My friend tonight happened to be okay, but what
if she wasn't?
Having said all of this, I do realize that this could be the wacked out
desire to 'fix' people (previous post) rearing its head in the form of
(1) becoming too emotionally vested in other people's problems and (2)
thinking that would want my help or concern even if something was
wrong. You have to cut me some slack though, since I only recently
discovered my "problem" through Internet self-diagnosis. Either
way...something is going to eventually give and right now I'm just
trying to hold it all together.


  1. I think...at a certain point staying in a bad mood can be selfish. (Not counting valid reasons, of course!) But it can be such a waste of energy and how can you not think about people in worse situations and still feel like you have a monopoly on negativeness.
    Positive 4 eva!

  2. However, everybody has the right to get down every once and awhile or their whole existance would be suspect.

    I say this because I of course get in bad moods too and didn't want to sound all high and mighty.

    ANyway.....I'm going to end up writing more than the original blog if I keep this up.

  3. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Barron here,

    You should do what I do: Embrace the bad mood and use it's energy to overpower and abuse the emotional well being of those around you. Remember how awesome it was to work with me?


  4. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Then sorry I've been so selfish. Some things don't need to be explained to people who obviously don't care as much as one originally thought.
    If you're at the end of your rope, let go. The support was appreciated while it lasted, but if it's that taxing on your emotional health, it's not worth it.
    You're not the only person who likes to fix things, just keep that in mind.

  5. don't let other people's "stuff" rub off on you too much. that's my take, anyway. definitely be there for your friends, but don't be there to the point that their negativity, foul moods, etc. become yours as well. be strong.

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  7. "...but don't be there to the point that their negativity, foul moods, etc. become yours as well."

    well said. That's kind of what I was trying to say in regards to being selfish and trying to have a monopoly on negativeness. I wouldn't want to upset someone else with the mood I was in. It can often be the kick I need to work things out with whatever is bothering me.