Sunday, June 01, 2014

Where have all the mix CDs gone?

found music, 05.30.14

I realize I'm a bit of a sucker for nostalgia, but can we reminisce for a moment about where all of the CDs have gone?

I was digging through a few old purses last week in a desperate search for my expired passport when I uncovered this relic of the past. It shared a snazzy envelope with a mix of Muse songs and was tucked in next to a "best of" Foreigner set. [I know I'm not the only one to want nothing more than to be able to belt out I Want to Know What Love Is while driving down the highway.]

Anyway, I digress. Is anyone still making mix CDs these days, or are the kids just trading Spotify playlists? If so, where's the magic in that? Can you accidentally stumble upon a playlist someone made for you five years later and become instantly overwhelmed with the rush of emotion you used to feel when you listened to those songs?

Serendipity is such a charmer. It was awesome to rediscover this mix CD and pop it in, having totally forgotten who gave it to me or what was on it. I didn't even mind that a couple of the songs made me tear up as, in the popular vernacular of our times, I had all the feels ;-)

Do you still make mix CDs? When was the last time you made one?

P.S. I consider finding an eight-year old fossilized chocolate bar a sign that every now and then I can muster great restraint.


  1. Christmas 2013 I made mix CDs for my coworkers that I was quite proud of:) But I haven't made many because I stopped adding music to my iTunes. I think, at some point, I'll get to the part of my To Do List of redoing my iTunes and adding all my new stuff back on it. (OMG That's gonna take forever.)

  2. I haven't made a mixed CD in about a year... I have one blank CD disk left, and I need to put some music on it before I get a new computer!