Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Girl goes green for Earth Month!


I'm pretty green most of the time, but I try not to go off on "lunatic fringe" rants (because, when you do what I do during the day, you do get lumped into that category) too often because the guardians of the Internet tell me that running a blog means I have to have a limited number of categories. ;-)

An.y.way, there will be no rants this month. Instead, I will share...
  • some awesome documentaries for the environmentally conscious;
  • a couple of books that I think will appeal to everyone from your treehuggers to someone who just loves the outdoors;
  • one of my favorite outdoor temples;
  • another My Story As Told By Water; and
  • what being "pretty green" means to me.

Let's figure out how you can embrace the planet in your own way this month!

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