Sunday, February 02, 2014

sabbatical week 1: care and upkeep of me

Tomato soup is simmering in the crock pot, and I've been watching The Flying Nun for the past hour, not a bad way to wrap up the first week of my sabbatical. I gave myself this week to ease into it--no big goals, no alarms to wake me up in the morning, and no writing. Having spent the last week leading up to my sabbatical writing a big grant proposal, I needed to give my brain a break. Kindness shouldn't just be reserved for others. Give yourself a break.

Thanks to Scarlet, I caught up on the first two seasons of Game of Thrones (and then proceeded to curse her for getting me hooked). I cooked hearty, winter meals (root veggie barley risotto [meh] and tortellini sausage soup [so good]) and whipped up these amazing energy balls. I got into The Goldfinch, was able to record a couple of episodes of Friday Night Dinner, and saw I, Frankenstein. My apartment finally got its first good cleaning since before my staff retreat in December (hey...I was out of town or working super long days) and spent some time on a few home projects. Finally, I had a few lovely people over for dinner, cocktails and good conversation.

Week 1 has been good.

Added the newest bowl to my collection, the purple and blue pottery by Roger Allen.

Created a loop to hang my uke from after realizing I'm not quite ready for this lovely investment.

New shower curtain and rug. I loved the solid white, but it was so difficult to maintain!

Friday night dinner guests. Everyone was tired, so they'll likely hate this photo, but I the moment needed documenting. :-)

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