Monday, January 27, 2014

10 things we learned in our 30s

There aren't many things better in life than friends you've known for years, who you've built history with. You speak in the code of inside jokes, and it only takes a shared word or two to kill at Taboo. You fight. You love. The highs (you can't mainline Red Bull on your own) are exhilarating, and let's face it, the lows really aren't that bad. Roadtrips and concerts and TV show marathons and texts spent emotionally diagramming emails from boys. Twenty-first birthdays and college graduations and going away celebrations. It's all there, all good. And, when one of your best friends (a ya-ya sister) finally turns 30, you drop what you're doing and throw up your arms in celebration.

Happy birthday, Allie! In honor of the beginning of your 30th year, we* pulled together the top 10 things we learned and/or realized** in our 30s.

1 - Believe it or not, I eventually stopped wanting my house and my body to smell like a baked good.

2 - Confidence is an amazing aphrodisiac that cuts both ways.

3 - Always hire movers. It's worth it. Just do it.

4 - If you have to choose between highlighting your lips or eyes, make those peepers pop. You don't ever hear about someone getting lost in your lips.

5 - Always try to pee before leaving anywhere with a bathroom.

6 - The older you get the more timid and less adventurous you will feel about certain things. Ignore those feelings.

7 - Time is "money" so never spend your time doing something you don't want to do. Just say no.

8 - The rule of throwing out clothing you haven't worn in six months is horrible. Don't follow it.

9 - Always put sunscreen on your chest and hands. You'll thank yourself in 20 years.

10 - Don't try to drink as much as you did in your 20s. You can't. Start following that 1 drink=1 glass of water rule.

The Steven Darling Bonus Addition:

11 - Spend your time and your money wisely and on worthwhile things.

Corollary 1: Lots of people have lots of ideas on what is wise and worthwhile, so make sure it's wise and worthwhile for you.

Corollary 2: Be careful when listening to your own advice. Sometimes, what you think is wise and worthwhile for you is really peer pressure from yourself. Your pressuring self is taking what it thinks SHOULD be wise and worthwhile because it's what everyone thinks should be wise and worthwhile, and tricking you into thinking it's what you really want/need whether or not it's really the wise and worthwhile thing for you.
*Brought to you by Serena and Scarlet with a bonus round by Steven.
**Though you've always been savvy for your age, so I've got a feeling some of these have already been put into practice. ;-)


  1. Hi! I found you over on VA Bloggers and enjoyed this post! I especially like #1 although I just covered myself in warm vanilla sugar lotion this morning, so obviously I have not learned this one yet...and I'm 38!

    1. Hey, Susan! Thanks for the kind words. And, don't worry, this 38-year old wrote that particular piece of advice while a vanilla cupcake candle was burning on my entertainment center. ;-) My problem is that many of the non-bakery smelling candles I'm interested in are simply way too pricey.