Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rory Gilmore and the Sage of Baltimore

I'm kicking off November with a new episode of Friday Night Dinner: A Gilmore Girls Podcast, available via iTunes and Podbean. This week Scarlet and I continue to watch as Amy Sherman-Palladino and David Palladino (though this episode was written by neither) build the world of Stars Hollow. In Episode 3: Kill Me Now, Rory gets closer to Richard and Emily, which creates tension with Lorelai. Meanwhile, there's a big wedding at the inn that keeps the gang busy.

We might have to pick up our review pace so that we can get into the thick of things!

This week's pop culture homework is to read up on H.L. Mencken, known as the Sage of Baltimore. This journalist and essayist was one of the most well-known cultural critics of the early 20th century. Toward the end of episode three, Richard invites Rory into his study to see a copy he found of A Mencken Chrestomathy. Do some of Mencken's views seem a bit Gilmoresque?

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  1. I agree. Let's either review two next time or post every Friday.