Sunday, June 03, 2012

Road tripping to Northampton, Massachusetts

dam removal tour

Do you see that winding road? On Monday, I'll be traveling that blue line from the DC 'burbs to Northampton, Mass on my way to a conference at University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Monday also happens to be my 11-year anniversary at work. Whoa! To commemorate the event, I've planned a few detours to some local rivers and restoration projects we've completed over the past decade, and because I have the best coworkers, I've also got a small list of places to get the best cup of local coffee, the cutest, old-fashioned ice shop, and an assortment of other things like that.

Have any recommendations for me? Shoot them my way! You can also follow the journey on Twitter (@notmiranda) and Instagram (@serenasue).

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  1. Oh man... have fun with that drive.
    (started following you in Instagram!)